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Why does the LED driver have to be aging test for 2 hours before it leaves the factory?
Date: 2021-05-31 17:14:54

Why does the LED driver have to be aging test for 2 hours before it leaves the factory?


Why do a 2-hour aging test? Because power supply products, especially for LED driver, and the aging test is very necessary for high frequency and high power LED switching power supply. The internal temperature of the whole circuit components will slowly rise as the on-load power-on test time increases. When the input voltage is increased by 20% at full load, the internal temperature of those key components will rise to a higher value in about 20-30 minutes, and the stability of the whole product will reach a high level. If some devices can not withstand the temperature rise, there will be an accident, such as the output voltage dropped, or simply stop the output, or a device appears the possibility of burning black smoke.


No matter how busy the shipment is, Huawei New Energy insists on a 2-hour aging test for 100% of each product. According to the long-term statistical analysis of data, about 0.5-1% of the defective products were kicked out by us at this stage.


If without 2 hours of aging test, other short time of functional parameter test, it is impossible to kick out some relatively deep hidden defective products. This test must be a basic test for all LED driver companies with good quality products.


It is very trouble when the malfunction occur, especially when the LED drivers installed in some places, such as when installed in a high building. It is much trouble, and might work high above the ground. That is the reason huawei new energy insist the quality first spirit all along.



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