Huawei New Energy
Xiangshan Lake Park trekking activity
Date: 2021-03-09 12:06:02

On the morning of June 20, 2020, Zhuhai HengQin District Huawei New Energy Co., Ltd planned the Zhuhai Xiangshan Lake Park trekking activity in order to let all employees relax and adjust their bodies, cultivate the team cohesion, and create an efficient operating enterprise team.

Xiangshan Lake Park is part of the Phoenix Mountain Forest Park project. It is an important project for people's livelihood at the municipal and district levels. It is one of Zhuhai's iconic parks.

Xiangshan Lake Park takes 74,000 square meters of lake as the main body, and the bicycle path and slow walkway constructed around the lake are independent, and both leisure and sports can be achieved. The park also has a 2,400-meter runway around the lake, which will become a natural "urban oxygen bar" and a "health shrine" for citizens of Zhuhai. In addition, in order to facilitate the public to visit the park, the park is equipped with two main pedestrian entrances and multiple stone access roads. In order to better provide people with convenient services, the park also has an independent tourist service center.

As a special year of the global pandemic outbreak in 2020, Huawei New Energy still insists on serving customers with the highest standards, and the company can move forward steadily. All the employees of Huawei New Energy will make persistent efforts, work together to challenge the good results.

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