Huawei New Energy
About Us


Established in 2008, Zhuhai HengQin District Huawei New Energy Co., LtdWith the subsidiary of Zhuhai Hualiang Electronics Co., Ltd) is a high-tech enterprise integrated with research and development, manufacture, sale and service of products. We also focus on SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in, post-welding testing, assembly and packaging, PCBA processing, incoming sample processing, OEM/ODM, etc. The products involved in industry, consumption, medical care, network communications, digital, computer peripheral fields. Huawei New Energy specializes in building innovative, highly reliable and long-life products that are certified compliant to all major international safety and performance standards.

Today, we have about 6000㎡ production areas and more than 120 employees. Company ttaches great importance to the cultivation of talents. Now we have cooperated with several universities and own a mature and xperienced R@D team. Moreover, three staffs of our R@D team have received senior technical titles and even one approval by “Outstanding Award for Skilled Personnel” in GuangDong province.

Our products, by “H&W” and “Hua Liang” brand, comply the certification of CEROHSSAABIS, CBETL and TUV, which well known in domestic market, also have been sold to all over the world such as Euro, Australia, US and Southeast Asia etcs. At present, more than 100 million units have been produced by us. They are mainly applied into the applications of military, building, decoration, stadium and landscape Huawei New Energy with its vision of “To be high growth and innovative enterprise”, enable us to stay at the forefront of technologies to better empower the next generation of LED luminaires.

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