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LED development
Date: 2021-03-09 12:01:23

Whilst the science of LED was first developed one hundred years ago, the LED lighting revolution was not triggered until the 1990s when Japanese scientists discovered how to produce efficient white light LED.

The initial commercial use of LED commenced in the 1980s as a low output restricted colour light source that lacked brightness and hence had limited applications. These applications included on/off displays and indicator lights for electrical items, such as calculators, mobile phones, computers, televisions, hi-fis, clocks and measuring instruments.

Decorative lights using multi coloured  bulbs were then introduced.

With increased brightness external messaging and advertising became possible for applications including bus destination signs, traffic lights and internal and external automobile lighting.

Significant technical developments have progressively resulted in LED providing superior general lighting solutions initially strip lighting and down lights, then high and low bays and flood lights and very recently replacing fluorescent tubes.

Computers and LED are both based on solid-state electronics. Just as technological advances continue to produce smaller and more efficient chips, LED have progressively become brighter and more economical.

Today LED are internationally recognized as producing superior solutions for all lighting applications.

The superiority of LED for general lighting has only been experienced since 2010, providing enhanced performance, environmentally responsible, energy saving lighting now available at competitive prices providing affordable lighting with significant and immediate cost savings and rapid pay back.

A professional LED upgrade is seamless to implement and provides a payback of under 2 years with a problem free life span of 15 years plus when operating 9 hours a day.

Whilst LED technology has been highly effective with electrical equipment, decorations and displays, signage, traffic lights, public transport, automobiles and marine craft, the most significant application for LED is in general lighting and this is in its infancy.

The LED industry is in catch up mode, growing at a dynamic pace, satisfying the insatiable demand for a diverse range of applications the result of the incredible advantages of LED.

The U.S. Department of Energy confirms “no other lighting technology offers so much potential to save energy and enhance the quality of our building environments.”

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