Huawei New Energy
LED linear light CL2145
  • Detail
* Wall or ceiling mounted
* The smooth surface of the product is PMMA double mixed light material of Japan Mitsubishi
* The standard outlet is IP67 waterproof one-in and one-out connector
* Option as monochrome, RGBW, monochrome with control and control system DMX512
* The lamp body is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, and the end cover is die-cast aluminum alloy
Technical Parameters
Model Name CL2145
Input Voltage(V) DC24V
Power (W) 12~15W /m
LED Chip Epistar/CREE
Lumens(lm) 450lm
Color Temperature( K) 2200-6500K  RGB  RGBW 
Color Rendering Index Ra 80
Power Factor 0.85
Control Mode Normally on / DMX512
Acrylic Color Milky White
Lamp Body Color Gray 9006 RL
Luminaire Appearance 6063 aluminum alloy profiles, surface anodized or dusted treatment
Insulation Grade IP 65
Irritation Angle 120°

Installation Size

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