Huawei New Energy
LED Indoor Plastic Case Power Supply N Series 20W / 24W
  • Detail
* Constant voltage output
* High-temp resistant and flame retardant plastic case
* Flicker free
* Terminal block deign, flexible wiring
* Over voltage/over load/short circuit/over-temp protection
Technical Parameters
AC input range 100-265Vac/50-60Hz Operating temperature -10℃ - +40℃,Tc:80℃
Input surge current <25A/110Vac ; <15A/230Vac Storage temperature -40℃ - +80℃
Power Factor 0.5-0.7 Certification EN61347-1;EN61347-2-13;SELV
Withstand voltage 2000V/3750V Dimensions L115*W45*H28(mm)
Protection OCP,OVP,SCP-Auto Recovery Weight 100g


Product List
NO. Output power Model Input voltage Output voltage Output current Ripple and noise Efficiency Wiring request
1 20W VUO-020-012N7 AC100-265V DC12±0.5V 1.66A max 300mV max 85% Terminal
2 20W VUO-020-024N7 AC100-265V DC24±0.5V 0.83A max 300mV max 85%
3 24W VUO-024-012N7 AC100-265V DC12±0.5V 2.0A max 300mV max 85%
4 24W VUO-024-024N7 AC100-265V DC24±0.5V 1.0A max 300mV max 85%
Note: The above are our standard products, parameters other than standard products can be designed according to customer requirements
Installation Size
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