Huawei New Energy
2019 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair
Date: 2019-11-04 11:41:26

On October 27th, the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company unveiled the latest products such as LED constant voltage power supply, Dali, Triac Dimmable Power Supply and ultra-thin new models at this year's Lighting Fair.

It is understood that the Hong Kong Autumn Lantern Fair is an important window for China's foreign trade in lighting products. The organizer organized a total of 80 buyer groups from 67 countries and regions. Most buyers of Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company come from Europe and the United States and Australia, with great potential, which brings opportunities for overseas expansion. It has opened up another territory in the original market and expanded its business.

At this exhibition, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company highlighted the market demand for future LED lamps for power. At present, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company development covers products such as DALI, Triac, ultra-thin, etc., which can meet the market's future needs, and has successfully connected to the market demand. It has realized the development of new products and cabinets from constant-pressure constant-water products. Light series, mirror light series, and new dimming series, perfectly match the home, office, commercial, engineering and other scenes. At the same time, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company has reached a strategic cooperation with a well-known Internet intelligent platform in China to speed up its perfection and upgrade of drive power solutions, jointly build and enrich the LED green product ecosystem, and further develop LED product segments in overseas markets.

The launch of new series of dimming products and ultra-thin products has attracted the attention of many merchants from all over the world, understanding related products and LED lighting solutions, and expressing a friendly willingness to cooperate, bringing further development of the internationalization of Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company Opened up new opportunities.

In recent years, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company has continued to accelerate the expansion of overseas markets. By appearing on international professional platforms such as the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair and the Indian exhibition next year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition has promoted the brand influence of overseas markets. Nowadays, in the face of a complex international market, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company brings “China's smart manufacturing” to the world through its technological innovation and quality assurance. At present, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company ’s overseas sales have covered North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia And the Middle East, and stepped up the implementation of the strategy of "going global" to speed up the internationalization of Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company brand overseas markets.

With green and environmentally friendly lighting products as the spear, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company is exploring overseas emerging markets with a positive attitude. Next, Zhuhai HuaWei New Energy Company will increase product research and development and technological innovation, as well as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. New technologies will be further integrated, market-oriented, aiming at the development of cutting-edge technologies, and providing innovative technologies and high-quality products and services to global customers.


We want to share with you some photos of our Hong Kong exhibition 2019:

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